Thursday, September 1, 2016

Yellow Pepper

It's September 1st. I'm sure you have noticed leaves beginning to turn golden and red and all the other colors fall has to offer us. So I thought I would start this blog with color's we will see for quite a while. I'm not sure where summer went, it was here a short time ago but the year seems to be flying by. My time was spent watching the many art video's I have, experimenting with color, which I love to do and lots of sketching. Now to put all these things together and make better paintings. Stay tuned, we will see what works and toss everything else. Oh yes, I did learn letting go and move forward. Ok, I'm off to getting those brushes into the paint.


  1. I missed this one - yikes!
    You mention the year has been flying on by - and you wrote this in September. What do you think now it is Dec 27th? Hope to see more of your work in 2017. be a love and please me!

  2. Hi Blanche - do not know if you ever check your blog. Thinking about you with affection.